Training Schedule

At InvesTeam Realty, we are committed to transferring skill-sets to agents THROUGHOUT their real estate career. Our number one commitment is to deliver relevant training that provides strategies, tactics, systems, and skill-building to support you, the agent, in the growth of your business. You are invited to sign-up and attend our training courses and get a "real-life" experience of how we support agents with their real estate career.

Whether you are an experienced associate, a newly licensed associate, taking the real estate course or just thinking about a career in real estate - this is for you. You will learn what it takes to become successful in real estate sales from associates who have actually done it. Ask any questions that you may have and we will answer truthfully and with candor.

Events Schedule

Roadmap to Success: "Leasing" - English
Monday, Jan 22, 2018   10:00 AM-1:00 PM
7950 NW 53rd Street Suite 214 Doral,Florida 33166

Reinaldo Gonzalez, Broker

FIRPTA-Foreign Investment - Orozco Lopez Co. CPA
Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018   10:00 AM-11:00 AM
11200 Pines Boulevard Suite 100 Pembroke Pines,FL 33026

Jose Huerta, EMST - Tax Director

Friday, Jan 26, 2018   10:00 AM-11:00 AM
7950 NW 53rd Street Suite 214 Doral,Florida 33166

Gilda Munoz
Career Development


Roadmap to Success: "Sellers" - (English) - Sat. Recap
Saturday, Jan 27, 2018   10:00 AM-1:00 PM
3050 Biscayne Blvd Suite 503 Miami,FL 33137

Reinaldo Gonzalez, Broker


NAR Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD).

InvesTeam Realty is an approved partner of National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD).

Center for REALTOR® Development is a distinct online platform of activities devoted to lifelong learning, career advancement, and specialized credentials for real estate professionals. Its educational offerings provide REALTORS® with the expertise to build their businesses, better serve clients, and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.

We primarily offer coursework that leads to offi cial NAR designations and certifications from across NAR and its affiliated Institutes, Societies, and Councils. In total, Center for REALTOR® Development offers nearly one hundred online courses, the majority of which address requirements that lead to thirteen NAR designations and certifications.

Many of the courses also fulfill continuing education credits across 40+ states at no additional charge to the student. Going forward, Center for REALTOR® Development will continue to add high-quality coursework and products to its site and explore emerging learning, media, and product formats.

Here is the list of courses (click on it to be directed to their website with detailed information) :

  • NAR Designations
  • NAR Certifications
  • Florida Continue Education (CE)
  • Monthly Specials
  • All Courses

    • Interactive Business Plan

      This online tool will allow you to enter your INCOME GOALS based on your experience level. You will also have the option of selecting the New Agent Business Plan or Top Agent Business Plan. These powerful tools will generate a printable report that will contain your specific targets towards your goals


    • Business Assessment

      Your exclusive Business Assessment is designed to take you through a process of where your business is in a current space in time. By addressing the questions here you will gain insight and self-discovery as to how well your business is positioned in today’s Internet Empowered Consumer driven market.
    • Time Money Assessment

      What we mean by this commentary is by looking closely at all aspects of your business and constantly adjusting towards what gets results and away from those things that don't, far outweighs any fancy new tool, etc. you can add to your business.


    • Sphere Of Influence

      We want to support you to grow your business and we believe the most powerful way to do so is through your database. Take a quick minute to fill in the form below and you will receive a FREE REPORT that will broaden your perspective to an incredible opportunity to grow your business with a little focused effort.


    Success Stories


    "Joining InvesTeam Realty and becoming a part of the team has been a great experience.  The company’s Broker support has been the key to develop my professional skills and help me in learning the real estate business. There is no match of the training that I have received.  I thank the whole team and look forward to even more success in the coming years."

    Realtor, Coral Gables
    InvesTeam Realty


    "This is the place where I learned everything about real estate business. As soon as I got associated with InvesTeam Realty, my career tool off. All the training and teaching of different processes have been outstanding. we have top notch branding and support and I want to thank you for all that you have provided me with. This is my second career and I really feel that I can have a long time and productive one ahead of me."

    Realtor, Miami
    InvesTeam Realty


    “As a real estate attorney in South Florida, I have had the pleasure to work with InvesTeam Realty and Reinaldo Gonzalez on many files. They provide the highest quality of service to their clients, are extremely well versed in the real estate industry as a whole, and bring their remarkable knowledge and assistance to their clients.“

    Marlene Leon-Rubido, Attorney
    Marlene Leon-Rubido, Esq


    "The reputation and history of InvesTeam Realty brought me to them and I found it to be the right choice for getting trained for my Real Estate business. I had received my real estate license and then there were a lot of opportunities for me. I had long term goals in my mind. InvesTeam Realty has proven itself as a company that provides the best possible business environment and support to its agents. I am proud to be an associate of InvesTeam Realty and always enjoy while working with the rest of the team. I love InvesTeam Realty and have no plans of leaving the company !."

    Realtor, Ft. Lauderdale
    InvesTeam Realty


    "I was fascinated with the facilities and staff from the very first time I put a foot in the company. The staff is really courteous, professional and friendly. Joining InvesTeam Realty was been my best decision. Today, I am closing on my 21st property and the entire credit goes to InvesTeam Realty, its broker and support staff. I could have never come this far without them. The decision to join InvesTeam Realty was the turning point of my career."

    Realtor, Miramar
    InvesTeam Realty


    "I express my sincere gratitude and a warm thanks to the InvesTeam Realty. The teaching skills of InvesTeam Realty are outstanding. They are extremely proficient in the know-how of the industry and they helped me in an effective manner throughout my journey. As a new associate, I benefitted greatly from the information, tips, how to’s and career development. InvesTeam Realty has helped in cultivating new skills as well in the promotion of my business."

    Realtor, Doral
    InvesTeam Realty


    “As a real estate attorney, and title company, my office has worked with InvesTeam Realty, its broker, and its realtors, on many files. We have observed that InvesTeam Realty works hard for its clients, whatever they are sellers or buyers; InvesTeam Realty stays involved in the transaction all the way through closing; and InvesTeam Realty helps resolve any issues or problems that may arise. “

    Richard Geisert, Attorney
    Richard Geisert, Esq


    "I've known Reinaldo Gonzalez for many years now and while working for other companies I always admired his tenacity and drive to provide the best service, tools and his unmatched commitment to share his years of experiece and knowledge in the industry with those not only close to him but anyone that approach him. And now I enjoy first hand this experience, I proudly am part of the team at InvesTeam Realty and I have gained the confidence to takle the business knowing that he has my back. With his support not even the sky is the limit !"

    Realtor, Weston
    InvesTeam Realty
    "I wanted to work in real estate for years, every time I tried to start the process, I became overwhelmed and couldn't handle the transition, fearful to leave my regular job before I could guarantee a steady income as a realtor. I found InvesTeam Realty on the internet and decided to contact them. The broker, Reinaldo Gonzalez took me on, encouraged and guided me step by step, and now I am a successful full time agent."
    Realtor, Edgewater Miami
    InvesTeam Realty


    "Working in real estate in south Florida for the past 15th years I thought I knew pretty much all that I needed for success. I worked all those years for the two largest firms with big name, and believed that was as good as I could get. Was I off base! Transferring to a boutique firm was a tough decision at first, and the best one I have done, the personal attention and support by the broker and staff are making an amazing difference in my career."

    Realtor, Miami Beach
    InvesTeam Realty


    "I moved to InvesTeam Realty 1 year ago, I can say in my 20 year career I've never had a more supportive, knowledgeable, organized and problem solving broker. The organization and support the office provides has allowed me to focus, serve my clients and increase my income like never before!"

    Realtor, Brickell
    InvesTeam Realty

    "I made a great choice in choosing InvesTeam Realty for my future and success in my new career"

    InvesTeam Realty

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